Thursday, September 11, 2008

The SIGNS in the windows of CITY LIGHTS

I just read over my previous post and I want to clarify something. When I said that it is comforting to see the signs in the window, I did not mean that it was comforting to read the expressions (although I agree with ALL of them that I have seen over the years). What I meant is that it is comforting to see someone (or an entity, in this case, the book store) using our right to freedom of speech to express views which may or may not be popular at the moment and it is wonderful to note that some people or entities have enough courage of conviction to stand up and state their beliefs publicly. Vis-a-vis the current political campaigns, it seems to me that Republicans are beating the hell out of the Democrats on that point, even if the former are dead wrong and flat out stupid (and they are). If the Demos lose the upcoming election, it will be because their backstage politicking and good ol' boy system shoved the better candidate out of the running despite the primary races being a virtual dead heat. Argh!

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DebGrabien said...

Yep, on the good ol' boy network and backstage politicking.

There's also the mindset the Dem party elders seem unable to shake: "We're the DEMOCRATS and we are ENTITLED to your vote!" Um, well, wrong. It's the party's - and the individual candidates' - job to earn my vote, if they want it.

So far? Not so much. If they hadn't been so busy alienating 15 million Clinton voters (and six million Edwards voters) by acting like abusive spouses on national television, they might not be so hard on the defensive right now.

We call it Karma, boys.

(I think they all need some Clue Fairy visits, personally.)