Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here I am Again

Alive and scribbling for all to see and/or read. That is, if they choose to do so! The first order of business, ladies and gentlepeople, is my health. Most of you know of my ongoing issues. Well, things have fnally come to a head, so to speak. A couple of weeks ago, my forehead started really hurting, my eyebrow bones felt as if needles were constantly being inserted, there was fever in my face, yadayadayada. I called my good buddies at 9-1-1 and they took me to MGH where my doctor said, "Yes, you do have an infection. We'll start you on some Keflex right now and don't forget to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy tomorrow. So off I went, loaded on Dilaudid, to the lobby to await my ride homw from Marin Catch A Ride.

Next day, I awakened to a horrendous mess on my pillow - the "thing" in my forhead had burst during the night, spewing pus and blood all over the bedding. So I washed it off, called my doctor, and scheduled an appointment. I also picked up the meds from the pharmacy and started taking them, ASAP.

Last Friday, I had an appointment in the city with Dr. Kramer, my oncologist. He checked me out, said he felt it was not cancer, and suggested I see Dr.(s) El-Sayed and McDermott. Dutiful patient that I am, I went home and called the other doctors.

Doctor El Sayed's team said he felt I would be best served by Dr. McDermott, so I called and set up an appointment with him. Today, I had a brain scan and then went across Parnassus to see Dr. McDermott. It took Michael about 1 second to say "Not really an infection, it's from radiation. How long ago did we finish that?" I told him we finished the radiation treatments in 2009. Dr. McDermott called in yet another presciption of some kind for me and said he recommended I see another doctor, named Dr. Kim (A plastic surgeon). When I got home, Dr. Kim's office had already called so I returned the call and set up and appointment for next week.

Oh, and after we left the medical offices but before we came home, we stopped off at Olive Garden to get a bite to eat. I bit into one of those soft bread rolls and came down hard on something. Turned out it was 1/2 half of one of my teeth. So tomrrow I scheduled a dentist appointment.


Friday, October 25, 2013

AT&T - The Gift That Keeps on giving. Don't ask. My line has turned into a Mexican party line.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once on this Island

A wonderful new musical, with a Caribbean flavor, now playing in the Chicago area. Features the always adorable Jesse Means and the music is fantastic. Looks ever so much more exciting than that awful "In the Heights." I hope it makes it to New York and then comes to California with THIS cast!

Once on this Island

Saturday, June 26, 2010


It all started when I decided to add Comcast Cable TV to my existing Comcast Internet and Telephone Accounts. I made the switch, Comcast installed the TV box, never provided me with the additional 2 digital converter boxes (which i was told would be delivered but never were). A minor inconvenience since I am one person and can only watch one TV at a time anyway, right?

So the May bill comes. $66 dollars and something. Which is what I was paying BEFORE I added the TV service. I called and they said the difference would be reflected on my next bill. Fine, says I, and I go ahead and pay the bill online. I received an email confirmation from
Comcast and the debited amount showed up in my almost immediately in my bank statement (also online).

I hereby provide proof the transaction (have blanked out the actual account numbers because, sadly, I wasn't born yesterday):

Comcast Customer,

Thank you for your payment. You have authorized
Comcast to charge $66.74 to the bank account specified below. It may take up to 3 business days to process your Comcast services payment. Please save this e-mail for your records.

Payment Details:

Comcast Account Number: ******************
Payment Date: 5/3/2010
Payment Amount: $66.74
Name: Michelle B
Routing Number: *********
Account Number: ***************
Confirmation Number: 1018853690

My next communication from Comcast stated my account was past due by $66.74. But I paid that, says I, and I have proof. Comcast blamed the bank and vice versa. Meanwhile, life goes on. New statement comes in and I pay only current charges because I have already paid the previous, right? And here we have proof of THAT pudding:

Comcast Customer,

Thank you for your payment. You have authorized
Comcast to charge $140.00 to the Visa specified below. It may take up to 3 business days to process your Comcast services payment. Please save this e-mail for your records.

Payment Details:

Comcast Account Number: ****************
Payment Date: 6/3/2010
Payment Amount: $140.00
Name: Michelle B
Card Type: Visa
Card Number: ****************
Authorization Number: 045320
Confirmation Number: 1021990779

And so I review all records and notice that the first payment confirmation does not display an authorization number (something Comcast did not notice, by the way). But it did show up in my account statement as a debit on the date in question.

So I call the bank again. "Yes, that was paid. Talk to the vendor." And thus we roll merrily along. Until this Friday when my sister changed her phone and TV service from Time Warner to AT&T U-Verse.

I tried to call Vicki on her
landline and got a message, "We are unable to complete your call as dialed. Please try your call again." However, when I called her landline from my cell, it was fine. And furthermore, when I called her cell from my landline, the call went through. Vicki called AT&T to ask what was up and I called Comcast for the same reason, each of us wondering which service had the problem.

Comcast took the party line that the reason for my problems must be because my account was delinquent. WHAT? says I - first of all, I paid the bills and I have confirmation numbers. Second, it makes no sense that I can call all over the world (I verified this by calling Greece, no problem) but one number in Los Angeles is restricted? "I suggest you go in to the Comcast office near you and talk to them. I cannot help you." Geez, no KIDDING!