Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here I am Again

Alive and scribbling for all to see and/or read. That is, if they choose to do so! The first order of business, ladies and gentlepeople, is my health. Most of you know of my ongoing issues. Well, things have fnally come to a head, so to speak. A couple of weeks ago, my forehead started really hurting, my eyebrow bones felt as if needles were constantly being inserted, there was fever in my face, yadayadayada. I called my good buddies at 9-1-1 and they took me to MGH where my doctor said, "Yes, you do have an infection. We'll start you on some Keflex right now and don't forget to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy tomorrow. So off I went, loaded on Dilaudid, to the lobby to await my ride homw from Marin Catch A Ride.

Next day, I awakened to a horrendous mess on my pillow - the "thing" in my forhead had burst during the night, spewing pus and blood all over the bedding. So I washed it off, called my doctor, and scheduled an appointment. I also picked up the meds from the pharmacy and started taking them, ASAP.

Last Friday, I had an appointment in the city with Dr. Kramer, my oncologist. He checked me out, said he felt it was not cancer, and suggested I see Dr.(s) El-Sayed and McDermott. Dutiful patient that I am, I went home and called the other doctors.

Doctor El Sayed's team said he felt I would be best served by Dr. McDermott, so I called and set up an appointment with him. Today, I had a brain scan and then went across Parnassus to see Dr. McDermott. It took Michael about 1 second to say "Not really an infection, it's from radiation. How long ago did we finish that?" I told him we finished the radiation treatments in 2009. Dr. McDermott called in yet another presciption of some kind for me and said he recommended I see another doctor, named Dr. Kim (A plastic surgeon). When I got home, Dr. Kim's office had already called so I returned the call and set up and appointment for next week.

Oh, and after we left the medical offices but before we came home, we stopped off at Olive Garden to get a bite to eat. I bit into one of those soft bread rolls and came down hard on something. Turned out it was 1/2 half of one of my teeth. So tomrrow I scheduled a dentist appointment.


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