Monday, September 22, 2008

The News Is In...

...and it is not good. I have cancer. There. I have said it out loud. In writing. And on my blog.

I am still in shock but here is what I know. Dr. Engel called and said "The news is not good. It's cancer." He went on to say that we know nothing more at this time, I will need a PET scan to see if the disease is contained or has spread to surrounding areas, etc. While I am terrified of cancer, I am thankful for a diagnosis. Hopefully it is contained and treatable. Pray for me.

According to the order for my PET scan, I have squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal septum. I pray it is confined and treatable.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are headed your way until you don't need they anymore and you are better. Stay strong and positive!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I am in tears.......You have prayers, and more coming your way. Love and Blessings Dear Mizshely.


steve said...

try to stay strong and positive Michelle! you will continue to be on my thoughts and prayers.......I was going to email you to see how you were tonight. seeing that I hadn't seen you here or David's board lately.


DebGrabien said...

NRPS will be dedicating a song specifically to you at the next show; I hoped that would lighten the mood just a little bit. (Bless you, Buddy, for being so cool and making that happen!)

I'll see you Friday morning - and damn it, remember that I'm maybe 18 minutes away by car if you need anything between now and then, so do not for one moment hesitate to ring me, roomie.

Anonymous said...


Prayers and all the best to you in treatment and recovery.

-Bob (Reading, PA)

Running down the muddy road
A hundred miles from hope
Dangling from a banyan tree
I see a length of rope

Behind me is a tiger
And a killer with a knife
One wants me for supper
And the other wants my life

I got no choice but to grab
The rope and start to climb
The situation here is such
The choice was never mine

Hand by hand I pull my body
From the mucky ground
Up into the sunshine
Where the birds are flying round

I just keep on climbing 'cause
There's nothing else to do
My hands are getting tired
But my spirit pulls me through!

from "The Banyan Tree"
-Robert Hunter

AnnieP said...

I am so hoping that you will be all better soon. (BTW, you only worked for the Pyrotechnics Film Squadron til February as far as we can recall.) Thank you to Deborah for all your help, my love to you, Michelle, and warm wishes your way from Sue, Peter, Karen, and Virginia.

jerry easywind said...

thoughts of enduring healing to you Michelle. do not hesitate to call on me if you should be in need.
and I know that we all will see you soon at the next hoedown. keep the shiny side up!

Julie said...

Oh Mizshely! My heart is with you in this challenging and difficult time. I hardly know what to say...Antioxidents... Positive attitudes and Personal Affirmations.... I dont know...I am just praying for the best of outcomes for you and hoping to see you soon, looking happy and well and full of life's enjoyment. Take scrupulous care of yourself.