Monday, September 29, 2008

No News Is Good News

At least, I hope that old adage holds true for me right now! I did get a call from Dr. Engel's office today, in fact, two calls, but those calls had nothing to do with the scan - one call was in response to a call I made on Saturday morning to inquire about side effects of the radioactive glucose with which I was injected the day before. All info I could find said there were no side effects but I had terrible nausea, fever and sweats. Anyway, the doctor's office confirmed that those are not known effects of the glucose so I probably did have food poisoning as I suspected (is anything ever simple these days?). The other call was to confirm that the doctor's office faxed my latest medical records to Social Security - that should speed up my disability claim.

Meanwhile, yesterday I felt marginally okay so I dragged myself to the Museum of the African Diaspora for Jack Hirschman's poetry reading. Jack and a Greek poet named Dimitri Charalambous read works of their own as well as their translation of the work of Yiannis Livadas, specifically his poetry about John Coltrane. They were accompanied by jazz saxophonist Liam Furey. I arrived late so I missed the Greek language portion of the reading (damn!) but I did enjoy hearing Jack read from his newest book, Look A Hear. I wish I felt well enough to stick around for the reception afterwards but I left - at least my soul and spirit had some nourishment.

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Γιάννης Λειβαδάς said...

Hi, i am Yannis Livadas, the poet from Greece. If you can read greek you can check the it's about poetry, jazz, beats, etc.

Best ever