Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here I am

Up since 4 AM with another nosebleed. I guess the miracle of the miracle drugs is wearing off (already!).

Yesterday I went in to The City for a medical appointment. My good fortune that the building was just a few blocks, as the crow flies, from North Beach (so guess where I went when it was all over?). It was another beautiful day in San Francisco - sunny and warm but not hot. I lucked out with a great parking place in front of Steps of Rome and went for a walk. The first thing I noticed was the absence of any machinery on Broadway and Columbus streets - it looks as if the Big Project (whatever it was) is finally finished. I bet the owners of E Tutto Qua are jumping for joy right about now because the bulk and brunt of that monstrous activity was right outside their door! As I walked up Vallejo Street toward Trieste, I heard a loud, familiar squawking sound and looked up to see the "wild parrots of Telegraph Hill" soaring joyfully above the Shrine of St. Francis. Every time I see that flock of birds I am amazed that they could survive and even thrive in The City - I think the patron saint of San Francisco may have something to do with that!

After buying some brioche and biscotti at the bakery, I walked by City Lights and a familiar something blue in one of the upstairs windows caught my eye - the KEEP ABORTION LEGAL sign was leaning against the window, upside down, but it was there. Maybe Mr. Ferlinghetti will put it back on display! It is always so comforting to see the signs in those windows.

Uh oh, I better go get some sleep!

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