Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yet another trip to Urgent Care

Yesterday, I reached my limit insofar as this nose thing goes. While I was in the hospital in July, I was either too distracted to notice the pain or it was handled by the dilaudid I was getting for the pancreatitis. During the past few weeks, however, it has come back in spades and now feels as if I am blowing rusty nails and broken glass through my right nostril as well as the usual painful sinus headache. It has been impossible to turn my head or to sleep.

One of my doctors suggested I go over to Urgent Care in Terra Linda because it was so late in the day. He said I should be seen immediately, this could be staph and I needed a culture done. I followed his instructions and I am so glad I did! The staff at urgent care were great! I was seen immediately, cultured (it will take 48-72 hours to know what the infection is, if any), told there was definitely something in my nose (DUH) and prescribed Septra and Muciprocin, just in case. After two doses of Septra, the pain has gone away to the point where I can sit up now (Septra is an antibiotic, not a pain killer). I may actually be getting better!

Meanwhile, Urgent Care gave me yet another dandy little bracelet. So far this year, I have banked five of these little guys not including the extra one they gave me in July because my allergies list was too long to fit on only one wristlet (see photo for 3 of them). Hey, Marin General and Sutter Health, haven't I earned a laminate?

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DebGrabien said...

Dudesse, you've totally earned a laminate. I'm glad you went, because that nose thing was obviously reaching a state bordering on impossible for you to live with. And YAY! on the cool staff at the Urgent Care.

Can I bring anything up? Am fairly crap company at the moment, but if you're up for it, I'll buy us some nummy food somewhere local, or cook us veggie burgers. E me, ping me, let me know.