Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Lame Game

While driving down Sir Francis Drake Blvd yesterday, I heard a strange noise in my car. It only happened when I accelerated after a stop and sounded faintly metallic and as if it was coming from my trunk. I opened the trunk, saw nothing out of the ordinary and continued on, as did the noise. When I got home, I called my mechanic and made an appointment to bring the car in this morning. Sure enough, every time I accelerated from a stop while en route there, the car made the same noise.

Bill got down and banged on the car wth some sort of instrument to see if something was loose. Nothing definitive. On a hunch, I popped the trunk and spied a coffee can full of quarters. "I wonder..." I thought to myself. Sure enough, mystery noise solved.

It's official, I AM an idiot.

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