Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I cut my hair a few days ago. 6 inches in some places, 8 inches in others. I know because I measured the clippings on a ruler. Now, this leads me to wonder:

You know when you go into a salon and say "just take off an inch" and you feel as though you have been scalped (and in fact, the cuttings on the floor serve as evidentiary support to that allegation) but the stylist swears she only took off an inch as requested? Well, I have news: she lies and in fact, you are right in assuming you got more than you bargained for. I cut much less off my hair than I have ever seen on the floor in the salon and yet the ruler does not lie - 6 and 8 inches gone (necessarily so, may I add; the hair was looking really ratty toward the bottom third).

I just wanted to share my feelings about hair cuts. That being said, the job I did on myself in no way looks professional and does scream "I did it myself."

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