Thursday, March 06, 2008

La Vie Boheme

...or not

I don't look very bohemian in this picture but then again, I was 18 months old. We were living in a flat on Kearney Street in North Beach at the time and my dad was an art student!


DebGrabien said...

You know's what's odd? There are mybe five pictures of me in existence from before my twenties, and in three of them, I'm wearing those same shoes. I sense a fashion trend.

And you actually do look - not bohemian, but questing, somehow. Maybe you were watching the ancestors of those pigeons we saw outside the upstairs window of City Lights...?

Dar said...

Were you searching for Larry even then?

Dar said...

It was code.

Dar said...

I didn't think Mr. Ferlinghetti is ever referred to as Larry but maybe Mr. Ferlilngetti is?

Mizshely said...

There was an Italian butcher about a block away who used to give me salami and bologna whenever my mother and I went in there, I was probably looking for HIM. As for Mr. Ferlinghetti, I doubt I was looking for him in 1951... I don't think he was even IN San Francisco yet. But he could have been! Just think! We may have shared air space all those years ago! Of course, this was around the same time I ran out of Hale's and back into the Emporium on Market Street at Christmas time because I wanted to see Santa Claus again. Bethy says I have always been attracted to geezers with beards! Oh, and I don't think anybody ever calls Mr. Ferlinghetti by the name, Larry.