Monday, July 16, 2007

From Yet Another Party

The Table

Front Row: Angela Gans, Jeannette Sears, Pete Sears
Back Row: Stanley Dintcho, Deb Grabien, Nic Grabien

Pat Campbell and Beth Levy

Maruska Nelson


DebGrabien said...

That was a seriously wonderful party. I'll admit that I nearly jumped out of my skin when Pete sat down at the piano. He must have taken your joke about being the entertainment seriously....

I'm thinking next time that I'll do a three-meat five-cheese combo lasagne. The damned thing weighs sixteen pounds in the pan and will feed the Sixth Fleet. Seriously of The Yum.

Because the whole "big giant pot of pasta e fagioli" seemed to work. Not to mention that pretty, pretty prime rib.

Mizshely said...

Next time, we will plug in the keyboard, too, and Pete and Merl can have at it. Or Pete and Mookie. Or Mookie and Merl. Or just Mookie. Hey, that's right, Mookie is supposed to be here soon.

DebGrabien said...


Seriously, shall we sieze the moment and the excuse and do some cooking between us? I have a vicious little chocolate dessert with bananas and ladyfingers, or possibly a chocolate souffle...