Monday, July 16, 2007

The Party's Over

Merl Saunders and Helana Fitzgerald

Merl's Deb

Pete and Jeannette Sears (with yours truly in foreground)

The Sears' and The Grabiens


DebGrabien said...

We sooooooo need to make this kind of party the New Tradition. You know? Granted, I was gone a long damned time but the last Marin County Rock Tradition I remember was the weekly softball games (I can't for the life of me remember which radio station started it), Garcia slow-pitching and people shouting out rude things from the front row of the grandstand, and Gary Duncan's two tots (why I remember them specifically, I have no clue), running around being adorable. I remember the little girl was called Heather; was the boy another Jesse?

We should start a new tradition: Michelle and Deb's dinner parties. Guests with heart and brains who enjoy good conversation and don't give a damn for status.

Mizshely said...

I do not remember the games being weekly but I do remember the baseball games in Fairfax between Bill Graham, Big Brother, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and NRPS - mixed teams with really weird results. I also remember roaring into the middle of a game on the back of a Harley on September 7, 1970 and dying of embarrassment because the cyclist was one of those revvers who drove right into the middle of the field (I always did know how to make an entrance). Must have impressed Jackson - he asked me out to dinner the next day. I still have fond memories of Tia Margarita where I drank my first alcohol (lot of firsts for me that night but some were more private).

DebGrabien said...

"I still have fond memories of Tia Margarita where I drank my first alcohol (lot of firsts for me that night but some were more private)."

Ah. Yes indeed.

Mizshely said...

All this time, I would have SWORN that the dinner at Tia Margarita was on a Monday. Not according to the calendar, though... but I remember it being September 8 because it was Pig's birthday and Jackson mentioned it. SO maybe it was a Tuesday? Something is seriously off here and now I am wigged about it. Perhaps I should engage our Sleuth-a-rama to investigate whether or not that really happened? Must have been a Tuesday - maybe the baseball game was Monday (might have been labor day - I bet that is it so the dinner was on a Tuesday which explains why when I went to Tia Margarita on a Monday, it was closed) (that and 37 years after the fact, damn lucky the restaurant is still there). Did I mention that was also my first Mexican food (other than tacos) (I know, born in San Francisco, raised in Marin, and never ate Mexican food until Rex Jackson took pity on me). Babble babble babble. One thing about me, I was never unintentionally invisible.

DebGrabien said...

Yep - Pig's birthday was one of those dates that has stuck in my head, for some reason, even while other, far more major stuff, has just drained out into the ozone.

As for the sleuth, I don't think I'd trust her, er, data. Her desire to hunt things down and find out all about them seems to come from an interior place that's full of stuff you don't want to get on you.