Friday, May 04, 2007

Well, Mr. Snow, Here I AM!!!

Sheesh! Has it really been almost ten years since the infamous CAROUSEL tour closed in Providence, Rhode Island? Of course that is a rhetorical question, I was there. In just about two weeks' time, it will be ten years since the curtain rang down on CAROUSEL, and with it, The Pants (tm)(if you are curious, just google that phrase or do a search on Anyway, ever since that time, when I go out in the garage to do the laundry, I always find myself singing "His name is Mr. Snow, and an upstanding man is he, he comes home every night in his round bottom boat with a net full of herring from the sea...well, Mr. Snow, here I AM..." Why, I have no earthly idea. Jesse Means was great as the uptight Enoch Snow, and good looking, too (we actually voted him handsomest male cast member over Patrick Wilson or Brett Rickaby). I haven't seen Jesse for several years - I think the last time I actually saw him was in Los Angeles - I took him with me to see the David Nelson Band at 14 Below. That must be five or six years ago now... last I heard from Jesse, he had gone back to school to get his master's degree and was also teaching in Manhattan. Jesse, if you are out there, shoot me an email, I miss you, dude!

As for Brett Rickaby, he has a new website, which is pretty cool and if you click on REEL you see a clip of him from a TV show (I think it was Cold Case but I might be mistaken). But hey, I am still waiting for Jigger and his famous Pants (tm) to make a return appearance in San Francisco.

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