Friday, May 04, 2007

The Pants (tm)

Someone has apparently taken on the persona of The Pants (tm) and has been posting all over the net for the past few years. This really angers me... nobody, I mean NOBODY, is allowed that privilege except for Brett Rickaby, myself, Lyn, Karen, Catherine, Nancy, Lynn Bozof, and C. Brian Devinney - the R.A.T.M. irregulars, so to speak. How can anyone defame the name and character of The Pants (tm)... and why would they want to do this? Have they no shame? No sense of decorum? NO ORIGINALITY???

Anyway, I guess if anyone really wants to find out about the world's most infamous pair of pants (tm), you will have to search only the newsgroup: because google will get you nowhere at this point.

Why did we bother trademarking those pants? WHY?

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