Monday, February 05, 2007

Here I am Again (Again)

Meanwhile, back at (there probably IS such a place and now I have linked up) I was almost able to raise my head off the pillow yesterday. Actually, I did raise my head long enough to stumble into the kitchen, microwave my bed buddy thing, and hobble back to bed where I awoke a few hours later with a hell of a fever. Luckily, I keep Cipro on hand and between that (for the infection) and Nyquil for the symptoms, I happily went to a state of partial sleep during which time I accidentally overheard every episode ever filmed of some show called "My Boys." Truly heinous from what I heard. I would have changed the channel but that required locating the remote control or making it out of bed yet again, neither task appealed to me.

Today is a little better. I actually made it out of bed for about 15 minutes (hey, I am here NOW, aren't I?). The sinus symptoms are still bad but they are subsiding - not only am I taking Cipro, I did a sinus rinse and downed Dayquil (I can only take a half dose of Dayquil, though, because it puts me in la-la-land). I actually missed General Hospital and One Life to Live (no biggie, they are stored on the DVR) and saw only bits of "All My Children" (just enough to make me gag - nobody can figure out why Babe bothered to kiss Josh goodbye, yet again, as her husband and brother-in-law sneaked a peek from outside the gazebo). The worst thing about AMC today was the dialogue between Bianca and Zarf/Zoey... Z/Z said something to the effect of "I have to figure out where this accent comes from" (referring to his pretentious pseudo-British would be upper class babble) and Bianca said, "Gee, you mean every body in Elk Horn, Indiana, doesn't talk like that?" Zarf also explained that the name/term is actually the name for those things you slide on paper coffee cups so you don't get burned (I will have to look that up to see if it is true).

I have a new mission: get Anthony Geary to the David Nelson/Banana show in Amsterdam. I wrote and sent him the schedule. I know he is a musician and think he may enjoy that show.

And FYI, IS a real website.

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