Monday, February 26, 2007

Benefit for Peter Walsh

The show last night was great; interesting, but not what I expected. The musicians onstage (nobody ever actually took a break, they just musical-chairsed through the evening) included Roy Blumenfeld (The Blues Project) and David Getz (Big Brother and the Holding Company) on drums, Ron Thompson, Barry Melton, and Gary Vogensen on lead guitar, Banana on keyboards (pretty much all night), Naomi Ruth Eisenberg (Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks) and David LaFlamme (It's A Beautiful Day) on electric violin, Martin Fierro on sax, Peter Albin (Big Brother), Tim Eschliman (The Moonlighters, Christmas Jug Band) and Stu Ashman (Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra) on bass, Linda LaFlamme, Pamela Rose and Rahni Raines (YEAH RAHNI!) on vocals. Steve Block did a great job helping with the equipment and Steve Keyser and Mike Somavilla deserve kudos for putting it all together.

They raised over $5000 for Peter and Lois, which was way cool.

Lots of friends in the audience - Annie Pierson and I sat at a table with Peter Albin and Karen Lyberger, David and Linda LaFlamme, David and Joan Getz, Judy Dawson, and Suzy Green and we were next to Lois Walsh and Peter's sister (whose name I have forgotten) and her husband, Collie (did not forget HIS name).

Ran into David Nelson's good friend, Tom Stern, prior to the show. Tom disappeared before the music started and I never saw him again.

The news on Peter is that he was admitted to the hospital (where he still is) with a very rapid heartbeat. For some reason, a pacemaker will not help in this situation. Hopefully, later this week they will figure out what is going on with him and FIX IT! Everybody, say a prayer for Peter!

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