Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5:11 AM and Guess What?

Shit. Some fucking fool (and I will not name names but it was a friend of the male persuasion) called me at 3:26 this morning and I never could get back to sleep. So I went in to the family room to watch the Academy Awards on my DVR and there was nothing on the screen - in fact, none of my recordings showed up. I called Comcast and they are performing maintenance on My DVR right now.

I have to be at work at 8:00 AM today so at this point, going back to sleep is useless. So far, no nosebleed, so that is a good thing.

On the good news side, it looks as if our neighbors with the dogs who howl all night (blue coon hounds or something like that) and all day are finally moving. There is a Matson container in front of their house and there has been considerable activity there all week. They better not leave those dogs behind! - Those dogs have been howling incessantly for three years, despite numerous complaints to their owners and to the local authorities, who do nothing about it (last time the sheriff came out to see me, he suggested I sue them in small claims court). I kept thinking about that Kenneth Brannagh film, How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog and completely sympathizing with the writer, played by Mr. Brannagh (I was turned on to that not terribly well known film because Brett Rickaby has a role in it).

March 2 is fast approaching! Yee hah! The Zodiac film will be in theatres and I will be there, front and center. Brett Rickaby has a role in that film, too, as Detective Roy. Whenever I think of the Zodiac killer, I think about the New Riders and Kentfield house and how one day, a friend and I were over there visiting and met Willie Legate. He gave us both the creeps (although it turned out he was a nice person) because he looked like the sketches of the Zodiac killer. We had to leave to do something and David Nelson told us to come back later. When we got back to Hermit Lane, the house was pitch black although David's car was there. My friend and I shoved each other up the walk, cowering, because we had been discussing how much Willie looked like the police sketches and we were afraid he had offed David. Took us about 1/2 hour to get up the nerve to knock. When we finally did do so, David came to the door and said "What took you so long?" I said, "We were scared. We thought Willie might be the Zodiac and that he had killed you." Laughter from inside. They were sitting around watching in the dark because they were watching David's home movies. Sometimes, being a teeny bopper can be really lame.

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