Friday, December 15, 2006

The Sound of Music

I guess the hills are alive with it but KIA automobiles should be ashamed of themselves. There I was, watching All My Children and grieving for the deaths of Simone and Erin during the past few days (okay, bawling my eyes out) and then CUT! to a commercial featuring the Kia Sedona and "So Long, Farewell..." from The Sound of Music, performed in a bad fashion. Of course, then I got off on "Lonely Goatherd." Which all brought to mind a dream I had last night about Theodore Bikel and David Nelson. For some reason, I dreamed they were born on the same day, same year, which I believe is not the case since Mr. Bikel was born May 2, 1924 and Mr. Nelson was born June 12, 1943. But never mind that. Somehow, I got the two of them juxtaposed in my subconscious during that night.

I do remember being madly in love with Theodore Bikel when he was Captain Von Trapp in the Broadway cast of The Sound of Music and being summarily bummed when Christopher Plummer was cast in the film role. What has any of this to do with David Nelson? GOD only knows, I certainly don't!!!!

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