Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm SUCH A Klutz

As I often say, there is no end to my talent or lack of coordination. I was marking a set list from a group of CDs someone sent me with a sharpie pen this morning and I somehow managed to get sharpie ink just above my lip but not in such a place that it would make a credible beauty mark. So, here I am, indelibly tatooed for the near future. But wait, there's more...

So I have this red wool coat I bought at Nordstrom in Portland in 1997 (no sales tax works for me so I always shop in Portland). Recently, one of the buttons came off and I finally found a pair of matching red buttons that would work for this coat. So I took off the remaining button and then started to sew on the two new ones. While cutting the thread after making the aforementioned repair, I managed to prick my finger. NOT with the needle, mind you, but with the solingen steel scissors. Major Owie!

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