Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Skin

Ok. In the past few months, at least ten people have mentioned to me that I have nice skin. One went so far as to say beautiful but he is both blind and prejudiced. Anyway, I figured I would mention a couple of things regarding skin care for anyone who may be interested.

First of all, you cannot discount genes. My mother's face was on the Pond's Cold Cream jar for years - she had great skin, as did my father, so I guess I lucked out there. That being said, I have used products from Erno Laszlo almost exclusively my entire adult life (with a few forays into other brands which for me were not as good). Currently, I use Active pHelityl Oil ($39 for 6.8 oz) on my face before washing with pHelityl Soap ($32 for a six ounce bar) (twice a day) and rinsing 30 times as the old Laszlo protocol dictated. Now, instead of using controlling lotion and/or Shake It Normalizer, I just apply Timeless Skin ($138 for 1 oz) directly to my damp face and let it set in about two minutes before following it with Transphuse Topical ($138 for one ounce) (for day). If the weather is really dry (every time the seasons change dramatically I get a few days of really dry skin) I follow with the Hydraphel Intensive ($60 for 2 ounce jar). After the Hydraphel or the Transphuse (depending, as I said, upon weather and skin conditions!) I use the Tinted Moisturizer in Light ($38 for a small tube). One small bottle of that tinted moisturizer lasts me about six months. If I am going to an event where I feel the need, I finish off with a dusting of Duophase loose powder in Translucent. However, when I was at the Laszlo counter at Nordstrom yesterday, the color Translucent has been split into three - Light, Medium and Dark, none of which match my current powder which has a lightly pinkish tint to it (but you cannot tell when you put in on - looks as if you have nothing at all on your face). So I bought the Translucent Light ($38 for 2 ounce jar), which looked to be a bit beige too me with too much yellow in it. If it sucks, I'll take it back to Nordstrom.

Sometimes, I use Ocuphel Emollient ($68 for 1/2 ounce) eye cream, which is really emollient, under my eyes.

Currently, I clock in at 10:30 on the Laszlo meters.

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