Sunday, November 19, 2006

November 19, 2006

This whole year has gone by so fast! Only a few days until "Son of God" returns to the home front for a few days. I can hardly wait. I hope he has shaved off that miserable looking stubble on his chin (despite all evidence to the contrary, I am not a fan of facial hair on anyone except maybe, Santa Claus).

Bethy and I went to Ray and Ethel's for dinner last night. What a treat that was - Ray is an excellent cook. We had good food, good wine, and good company. It was really special to get to see Ethel's artwork - she is an amazing artist with a lot of talent. Thanks, Ray and Ethel!

This afternoon, Deb and I go (yet again) for hot stone massages at EVO, our now favorite spa in Mill Valley. I hope I get Crystal Rae again - she is amazing at what she does. After the spa, we are going to dinner at La Ginestra - my favorite Italian restaurant. In my opinion, the other Italian restaurant in the area, Piazza D'Angelo is beyond hideous for some dishes (veal scallopini comes to mind - THICK slices of veal (not pounded thin as they should be), no mushrooms, no flavor - ugh!) and ok for others but nothing spectacular. I really like La Ginestra and when Beth and I went there a few weeks back, the bartender gamely made us a few rounds of Brandy Alexanders (it was after drinking those alexanders that Beth and I went to the Sweetwater and I made off with that nice Nelson Band poster, following up my thievery with a call to club complaining that they really should advertise the upcoming show) (don't I have a lot of nerve) (well, yes I do sometimes, especially when fortified with alcohol. otherwise, I am painfully shy).

My film club has given me two free passes to see the new film, Turistas at a special screening tomorrow night. I love going to those screenings, makes me feel very avant garde and hip. This should be a good film, but even if it sucks, I can always just look at Josh DuHamel.

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