Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brett Rickaby

Sheesh! I am really falling down on my Brett Rickaby duties. I think I need to re-work Brett's biography on the Internet Movie Database - it is fairly comprehensive but not terribly well written (we were in a hurry to get it up on the site). I also have not updated

The loyal disciples of the pants (tm)
brought to you by the "Women of Leather"
dedicated to making the world a Brett (er) one

website for years (and apparently, the site is down right now because of that server issue with so I cannot really do anything yet anyway) and we are more than overdue for a makeover. I wish I had some pictures from Little Chenier and the Zodiac film. (BTW, there is a Marmaduke's Marauders connection to Zodiac - we actually thought NRPS roommate Willie Legate might be the Zodiac because a. he looked like the sketches of the killer and b. he was fuckin' weird and c. when we came back to Hermit Lane one night, even though we had been invited, all the lights were off and we were afraid he might have offed David Nelson. Turned out Willie and David were watching David's home movies). Maybe I will ask Brett to send me some material. I know he is busy with the west coast collective and teaching acting, but he should take some time to promote himself! Lest we ever forget, he was the best Jigger Craigin EVER (better than Cameron Mitchell, Pernell Roberts, Jerry Orbach or IMHO, the over-ballyhooed Fisher Stevens).

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