Sunday, November 19, 2006

$70 To A Bus Ride Home/Carousel

Much as I love Patrick Wilson (and I DO love Patrick Wilson in everything), I have a hard time with this:

Brett Rickaby's The Book of Matthew, adapted from his play $70 Dollars To A Bus Ride Home is currently in development with Patrick Wilson, Peter Krause, Keith David, Jamie Denton and Rainn Wilson attached.

Now, I just cannot see Patrick as Matt Kennedy when Brett was so good in the role he created for himself. I know Patrick was there from the beginning and is thanked on the original program but come on, give Brett a break here... he lived the role. Oh well, I will support the project anyway because Patrick is a major talent (as is Brett, it is just that Patrick is more well known). I still hold out hope that Hugh Jackman will see the light and give up his project to film a remake of CAROUSEL - leaving that project open for Patrick and Brett to reprise their award-winning roles from the 1996/1997 Royal National Theatre production. I'll always be on that merry-go-round!

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