Friday, September 30, 2005

The Great New Riders Controversy

First of all, we should all get down on our knees and thank our lucky stars that David Nelson and Buddy Cage will be going out on that little mini tour this week. Halleluia!

THAT being said, let me get to what is really bugging me. Those poser pseudo New Riders who are playing at Rancho Nicasio tonight. Feel free to go if you want - if you like lame bear songs and Buddy Guy guitar imitations, go right ahead. THAT is what you will hear. You will NOT hear the New Riders of the Purple Sage because those guys are NOT the New Riders. Were they there when the band started as a viable unit? No. Did they tour all over in the early to late 70s - no. Were they on the first seven or eight original recordings? Again, no. And did they write any of the material for which the New Riders were so well known? I effing think NOT.

And now, some attorney (he would be from Bolinas) has posted to the DNB website what is tantamount to a threat against David and Buddy even using the name. He claims these POSERS own it! I think it is a sleazy attempt to intimidate the rightful users of the name. And if in fact these guys do own the name, they should be ashamed of themselves for stealing from a very ill man (John Marmaduke Dawson). Let us not forget that the LAST time these guys played Nicasio, they had the unmitigated gall to use a promo picture with John Dawson in it. Not only that, have they ever paid a lick of performing rights royalties to Marmaduke? I would bet not. They have NO RIGHT to call themselves anything but what they are - sorry wannabes who didn't have the originality to come up with their own schtick and pirated the NRPS scene.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

well said mizshely; Like Ive said, REAL fans know who the REAL riders are; these wannabes aint foolin anyone who knows ANYTHING about the NEW RIDERS of the PURPLE SAGE! Thanks for all the pertinent info, we appreciate it! take care - Rick B

AStrait said...

Well first of all this is Julie not Anthony, but he has a blogger acct. already, and being me, I know how to access it. If those WARTS are performing I think that it is such a desecration to the Original Entity of NRPS, without any direct ownership of any of it's components, namely 3 living and touring musicains who can at any time reunite to continued history, (weather McDuke has or has not played lately has no bearing on his rights to the GoodWill and Legacy the is the NRPS - As an entity). I believe the litigation should actually be flowing in the opposite direction as the professed Legal dimwit in Bolinas (the dyed over dregs of a once proud tradition of a town)has suggessted. I'm going to talk to someone who is studying for the bar back east right now...Someone I've been trying to encourage to make a 1.5 hour drive to the upcoming shows. Maybe he can talk with David after the show, explain what I believe are his legal rights. Anthony's mom handles music and trademark laws briefs and claims all day long as a Legal Secretery...I bet she knows something about how this would look in court. I am hideously jealous about those shows Miss Miz. I wouldn't want to be snotty to David and the Guys on his baord, but I'll admit it to you.
Cheers - Julie
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