Thursday, September 08, 2005


From Cdbaby.Com.

If you want to get an idea of what things were like in the 60s, this is a good place to start. Click the link to read what Richi Ray Harris has to say about the band, the music, and the times.

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AStrait said...

Yeah those guys seem ok, but they are no Clover. Glad you worked it all out.

Mizshely said...

Anthony! You are So funny. No Clover. Did you ever hear Freedom Highway? Not the complete lineup on this CD, which is latter day, but the semi-original lineup that included Scott Inglis, Rich Harris, Mike Lamb, Howie Lazzarini, and Kurt Eichstadt. THAT is the lineup that played the Fillmore, the Avalon, etc. and earned the name.

In fact, Freedom Highway used to play at 1090 Page on Wednesday nights along with a band called the Tiny Hearing Aid Company which featured my future husband, Bob McFee, and his brother, John. Tiny Hearing Aid broke up and split off and some guys went into Clover and some went into Flying Circus. So there is a connection. At the time, Freedom Highway was a better band, playing songs like the Staple Singers' "Marchin' on the Freedom Highway" and "Alabama Bound" - more country folk rock oriented than the latter version.

And of course, everybody practiced at the legendary Sausalito Heliport - Freedom Highway, the Grateful Dead, and the Sons of Champlin all at once. Really cool.