Thursday, September 08, 2005

By Jove, I think She's Got It!

Duh! I think I figured out the answer to my spam and trawling comments issue. Hey guys, somebody respond to me and I will test it.


mia said...

dunno, LaMiz, I think Pumkins might make a pretty tasty Spam- wouldn't it be like a firm pudding? the chunks could be a nice pound cake/ dense bread... As long as it didn't resemble Fruitcake!... and of course IF you DIDN'T Leave it In Your Car's Trunk for weeks! ... Shudder2X... I'm surprised you don't have nightmares about a Giant Pumkin oozzing out, and Eating Your Face while you slept :) Eeeekkkk!! it's the Blob-Pumkin!

Mizshely said...

Weeks? Try MONTHS. God, we were a real pair. Poor Christine.

mia said...

all I can say is: I'm NEVER riding in YOUR car's Trunk, Miz! snicker