Tuesday, September 06, 2005


David called tonight and we talked for quite awhile - mostly about the upcoming shows. He is thrilled to be doing the NRPS shows - he has picked out 18 core songs to sing himself, and six for the rest of the band (tee hee - that's our boy). These songs are mostly from the first couple of albums. He is also looking forward to playing more lead guitar, which he really enjoys and misses with the DNB. He assured me that all DNB shows in future will feature a lot more Nelson guitar solos! There is my scoop du jour...

We also talked about the possibilty of this version of NRPS performing John Dawson's "Black Velvet Elvis" song. McDuke is awfully proud of that song and I would think it would be quite an honor to introduce it to the world.

Oh, and I planted the not-so-far-fetched idea that this NRPS reunion thing could do a double bill tour with the DNB and he thought that a great idea - in short spurts (after all, he'd be front and center all night). Anybody else like this idea? AN EVENING WITH DAVID NELSON... THERE you go!