Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Maine - The Expendable State???

According to Yahoo News (My favorite) yet another flight with a suspected terrorist connection was diverted to Maine. This is the second flight in a few days to be so re-directed. Now, I understand the need to point a suspected situation away from a highly populated environment, but what did Maine ever do to the rest of the country? Oh, that is right, it provides a vacation home for Shrub's parents. Hmmm.

The conspiracy theorist in me is forced to wonder the why of all this: could it be that our own government, in the hands of the ultra conservatives, is praying for a coup all its own? To wit, if "W" were visiting his parents at time of diversion and IF the suspect were somehow allowed to get away, could there conceivably be a malicious situation with regard to our fearless (yet somehow strangely idiotic) leader? This would leave the country in the capable hands of the evil emperor himself, Dick Cheney.

If the above is not the reason for the diversion, why on earth are we picking on the state of Maine? What did Maine ever do to the rest of the country? Maine is the home of Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote) and the setting for the musical, CAROUSEL. Perhaps this is whole thing has been engineered by the Society of Lobster Preservation - destroy the human predators and all will fine in our kingdom under the sea!


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