Sunday, May 08, 2005

David Nelson tonight at the Ace in Sebastopol

Yesterday, while watching Phantom of the Opera my cell phone had the audacity to ring. I did not answer it. Big whoop, I know. Anyway, when I got around to looking at caller ID, some 7 hours, later (well, I had to watch PHANTOM three times, fast forwarding through the Gypsy scenes) I saw David Nelson's name on the LCD. So I checked my voice mail.

David called to say he is playing tonight at the Ace Cider Pub in Sebastopol - he is replacing Barry Sless with the Guilty Pleasures. I actually already knew that. What I did not know is that the show starts pretty early, around 5 PM, according to David. And so, I post for those of you who feel like slogging through the rain to the land of apples for some good music. I might go, I might not. It IS mother's day and I am supposed to spend the day with my children.

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