Thursday, May 26, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

It would appear that the Sith Lords have wrought revenge upon the would-be Jedi once again! I just read on Yahoo! News that two people were maimed in a light-saber duel while filming an homage to the new Star Wars film. I loved the sub-header, "The Force--let alone common sense--was definitely not with them."

"Two British Star Wars fans sustained critical injuries after constructing their own lightsabers from fluorescent light tubes filled with liquid fuel."

What the HELL were these people thinking? My bad, of course, they were NOT thinking at all. The two dufuses (dufusi? - what IS the plural form of DUFUS, anyway) were definitely old enough to know better - ages 20 and 17. This is the type of idiotic stunt that one would expect of a bright but misguided 10 year old.

Flourescent tubes with liquid fuel? I am sorry, they asked for their injuries with their ignorance.

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