Thursday, August 14, 2008

The World According to Mark Schwartz

Oh boy, this interview is a hoot. Mark talks about everything from why he has been 86'd from various North Beach establishments (including, but not limited to, Caffe Trieste, Specs and City Lights). I knew about Trieste already but how the hell can you get thrown out of a BOOKSTORE??? To find the answer to that burning question and more information about Mark that you ever thought you needed to know, click here:

Judy Joy Jones interviews Mark Schwartz

Mark is a very talented poet and a hilarious dinner companion not to mention he is an absolute ace at locating the elusive parking space in North Beach (one night, I drove around the block a dozen times, ran into Mark at the corner of Pacific and Grant, he asked if he could help me find a parking place, jumped in my car, and I swear to God, somebody pulled out of a space about 1/3 of a block away). If you spend any time at all in the land of North Beachia, you will understand how rare THAT is! I know I posted a photo of Mark somewhere else on my blog, probably from a December or January poetry reading. Seek and ye shall find. Hi, Mark! (Oh, that's right, you don't have a computer) (which leads me to wonder, how the hell can you be applying to grad school in Engineering (at Cornell, where he did his undergrad) without a computer. For that matter, how the hell can you be in Grad school on the east coast and run for San Francisco Supervisor at the same time - it's a puzzlement).

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