Saturday, August 16, 2008

Strange Photo from Tribal Stomp 1978 at the Greek

While looking through my file cabinet for a letter I saw only last week (and then promptly lost), I came across the following not so great photo. The photo itself is no big deal but it is noteworthy for the people in it!

The man in the blue running suit, talking with Allen Ginsberg, is (I think - this was 30 years ago, you know and the photo is a rear view) Barry Melton. The person sitting in the foreground, with the pipe, is Peter Orlovsky.

Lord only knows why I took this picture, I was probably trying to get Sam Andrew or someone else completely NOT in the frame (it was, after all, the same day I took a lovely shot of Chris Rowan's bare chest with a can of coca cola. It was during that time when many people photographed by me were immortalized as headless). Hey, I got Ginsberg's and Orlovksy's faces...


ML said...

Could that be Gregory Corso sitting back near Allen and Barry?
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photo!

Mizshely said...

I have better photos somewhere and will post if I can fnd them. You know, I have no idea whether or not that is Gregory Corso... it does not look like I remember him but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.