Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good News about Audrey Blaker

For those of you who know them (and that is just about any fans of the DNB or NRPS), Marc and Audrey Blaker have been having a rough time lately (to say the least) with Audrey suffering from breast cancer. According to Marc's email this morning, the news is encouraging:

Hi Friends,

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes and expressions of love.
Audrey has completed her chemotherapy and it looks like it did
the job. The second cocktail, Taxol, was so strong that her wonderful oncologist Dr. Daniel Maloney, felt that the 4th infusion was not needed when compared to the harm this potent drug can do to her organs. The tumor has shrunk enough to give her surgeon, Dr. Agnes Radzio, clean margins while any free floating cancer cells have been destroyed.

Now it's on to phase 2. Audrey will be having a masectomey at noon on Wed Aug 13th in Kaiser San Rafael (Terra Linda). Dr. Radzio will be removing her left breast along with some lymph nodes. They don't expect to keep her longer than overnight then it's home for recovery.

Please direct your prayers, good thoughts, and healing vibes to San Rafael on Wed.

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