Friday, August 15, 2008

And Speaking of Brett Rickaby...

I moderate a chat group for Brett and just received this message:

Hi, everybody! My name is Eric and I'm glad to be on board. Here's

whas'sup. It has come to my attention that the studio bosses at Warner
are already tipping Johnny Depp to possibly play the Riddler in the
sequel to the Dark Knight, set to begin shooting early next year. You
all know as well as I do that that would be a serious, COSTLY
corporate blunder. Our man Mr. Brett Rickaby is the logical choice,
having done the role in the most recent (and true) episode starring
the ORIGINAL characters! Now you tell me ... how much more of a
testimonial can you get?! Case in point: I have been authorized to
speak on Mr. Rickaby's behalf, and I'm hereby deputizing & mobilizing
all you stone-city sinisters to BLITZ each and every e-mail, page,
site , word-of-mouth and any and all other methods and mediums
availble so as to drop the buzz regarding Mr. Rickaby's namesake and
image in relation to his portryal of the Riddler in the next Batman
installment, ya heard? Report to me directly as you wish -- and
remember, time is NOT on our side as it is, so put a glide in yo
stride, a dip in yo hip, tighten up on your backstroke and get going.
Thanks. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Rickaby as the Riddler - Warner dosen't want the Riddler (Rickaby is the reincarnation of the original and we all know who that was) they want someone who they can make into the Riddler. You know it's all about the art of creation! Not to mention "debonair Depp," who has an impressive track record, is sure to make fans take notice and run to the box office. Though Rickaby might be the man, I wouldn't be surprised if he loses out on this one. It's not like Warner hasn't made mistakes in the past - Keaton as Batman? Come on now!