Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tell it "Good-bye"

"Bye, bye,
bye bye..."

(sorry Janis, Peter, Sam, Dave and James)...

In case you did not already hear, last week, I took another lovely ride courtesy of the Ross Valley Paramedics and spent another several days in the hospital followed by the much ballyhooed and anticipated (and scheduled for July 30) cholecystectomy. My stay at Marin General Hospital was generally quite pleasant, given the circumstances, with one notable exception.

On July 4, my IV ceased functioning and after several checks, the nurses decided to put in a new line. This is not their fault, things like this happen. But there was so much edema in the arm where the first IV had been that the nurse could not confidently locate a vein so she called in another nurse who tried on the other arm. Hey! I had my first experience with a collapsed vein. THAT nurse, in turn, called in the big guns head nurse who assured me that HE could do this and went back to the original arm. He jabbed me and believe me, if I had seen a sharp instrument nearby it would probably be lodged in his head right now. He hit a nerve. The burning pain ran from my index finger to my shoulder blade and the top of my hand felt as if it had been held in scalding hot water for several minutes. And this moron DENIED that he hit a nerve. Naturally, I went postal, ballistic, etc. and started screaming and crying (this just an hour after David Nelson called (just as Peter Albin walked in the room to visit) and I told him how well everything was going). I mandated NO NEW IVS and waved the staff away with what is generally referred to around here as a "Royal Fluffy" (you had to be there). The staff at least respected my wishes but it left me without dilaudid for the evening.

The following day (surgery!) the anesthesiologist was easily able to locate a vein and painlessly start an IV drip, so I have no idea what was going on Friday night.

And now here I am at home and on the mend. A little nausea, very little pain... I have no idea what made me think this would wait another month.

I do highly recommend some of my nurses, Mary Ann Konzcal (our kids went through school together), Ma'an and Renee, who were above and beyond the call of duty wonderful to me the entire time. My surgeon, Dr. Ann Vercoutere, is I believe the best general surgeon in Marin. I changed my dressings today and forced myself to look for the first time - such tiny incisions!


easy wind said...

Michelle, good to hear that all went as well as could be expected and that you are on the mend.hopefully you can be ready for the Riders later this month! stay cool during this heat wave. if you need anything of which I am capable of, you know how to reach me.


Mizshely said...

Thanks Jerry! I am presently looking for a psychic - my diamond wedding band vanished from the house while I was at MG.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you heal fast. Be well. johnnyrider

easy wind said...

wow, interesting. if your ring has gone off to the same place that other items in your home have gone off to, then it will return just as mysteriously and unexpectedly as the other items have. though some investigating by a psychic or the police may be in order.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that ordeal is behind you now!

Starting IVs is all about technique IMO. I worked in the outpatient surgery unit for 12 yrs. Sometimes I used a little local anesthetic when it looked like a vein might be hard to get........or always if the pt. wanted it. I'm sorry for the bad nursing experiences but glad to hear you had some kind nurses as well.

Hope the ring shows up soon! S

Mizshely said...

Hi Sheree! I hope I did not give a bad impression of my experience(s) at MGH - overall, I had EXCELLENT care. And I have had IV infusions for years and years with no problem, so this was unexpected more than anything else.

Meanwhile, I am healing up nicely and although I won't be heading up a kick line at the GAMH, I will be there to party with everyone. I do wish you were down here!

Love, M

tricia said...

what? no kick-line? seems to me I remember a kick-line at some place back there....rest up, and get those legs in shape girl!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you to PLEASE clarify "Royal Fluffy"...the only thing that comes to mind is passing gas or flatus as we medical people call it...a great happening after surgery. Kind of like "driving one into the seat"...again, you don't have to post this comment. But, inquiring minds want to know! S

Mizshely said...

Defining The Royal Fluffy, hmmm... I think it can best be depicted as a sweeping gesture made with the right arm extended to 2 o'clock high, position the palm of your hand toward your face and sweep with the wrist, extending the palm backwards. This of course must be accompanied by a loud sigh of exasperation and a facial expression that says "You are dismissed."

Patrick Wilson Fans Blog said...


Glad your surgery is over! And, yes, those tiny incisions were amazing. Just one of mine was a bit sore but overall it was an easy recovery. Just don't push yourself.

Sorry about your bad experience with the IVs. That is NOT fun. When I was in the hospital for pancreatitis (prior to my surgery), they drew blood at 3am...all week long I prayed that Bernie would be the one to do it. He was quick and good--plus he had a super sense of humor even at that hour. I was pretty sleepless during that stay so he watched some Nick at Nite with me while he drew blood.

Keep feeling better--and good luck find those rings!