Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Strange Dream

I would say maybe these dreams are from my post op drugs but I haven't really had a need for pain killers and as far as I know, prilosec is not hallucinogenic.

Anyway, in this dream, I was in a three tiered coffee house (presumably in North Beach but no such venue exists there, to my knowledge and profound relief), got my coffee and the last available empty table. Right after I sat down, a voice asked, "can we join you? there don't appear to be any other empty seats." "Sure," I said, looking up to see Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and a million kids. Angelina sat down and lit up a Sherman which promptly set me off. I started screaming at her, "first of all, it is bad enough that you are violating the law by smoking in here but god, lady, how can you expose your children to that secondhand smoke?" I must have been loud because I got a round of applause from the other customers. My dream then jagged off in another direction, which I do not remember at all.

I have no real point to make here except that I cannot figure out what prompted this scene - not a fan of Jolie or Pitt or the pseudo-intimate chain store coffee house thing. I am of course a rabid non-smoker (NEVER been a smoker as opposed to a reformed addict). And I certainly do not care whether or not Ms. Jolie smokes(as long as it is not around me) and I have not seen those smelly Sherman cigarettes around for years.

Go back to sleep, Michelle, maybe you will find your ring in a dream. Or dream in a ring. What-ever!

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