Saturday, July 19, 2008

From the NY Times Sunday Book Review, July 20

Top Selling Poetry Books

Look at #3....

BIG LITTLE BOOKS: America’s best-selling indie poetry book, according to Small Press Distribution, a nonprofit distributor that represents books by some 450 small publishers, is Aram Saroyan’s crafty “Complete Minimal Poems.” The list below, from the S.P.D. Web site (, reflects sales in March and April.

1) “Complete Minimal Poems,” by Aram Saroyan (Ugly Duckling).
2) “Poeta en San Francisco,” by Barbara Jane Reyes (Tinfish).
3) “All That’s Left,” by Jack Hirschman (City Lights).
4) “You Are a Little Bit Happier Than I Am,” by Tao Lin (Action).
5) “The True Keeps Calm Biding Its Story,” by Rusty Morrison (Ahsahta).
6) “Lobster With Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” by Michael Cirelli (Hanging Loose).
7) “The Evolution of a Sigh,” by R. Zamora Linmark (Hanging Loose).
8) “Lyric Postmodernisms,” edited by Reginald Shepherd (Counterpath).
9) “Incubation: A Space for Monsters,” by Bhanu Kapil (Leon Works).
10) “Underwater Lengths in a Single Breath,” by Benjamin S. Grossman (Ashland Poetry)

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