Saturday, July 19, 2008


From Buddy Cage:

Here’s the real story of the planned event in Thorneville, OH named Grateful Garcia Gathering

This ‘promoter’, one Tim Sun Dog booked NRPS for almost a year without ever coming up with the guarantee (deposit), then abruptly cancelled NRPS 2 weeks ago. Also, without notice to us.

He publishes several lame reasons as to why this occurred, inferring as well that NRPS had been the party cancelling. This was all bogus – it is an out and out lie. He did this action when it appeared that his ticket sales were lagging. He cancelled 2 of the highest dollar bands on the bill – New Riders and Donna Jean & The Tricksters. By dropping NRPS he was saving himself a 6500 dollar guarantee, ripping us off, deceiving the public!

Last night, I was sitting here on the tour bus listening to the conversation Tim Sun Dog was having with my Tour Mgr. after he reneged when called by our Crew Chief to ‘advance’ the show. Apparently Tim S.D. was complaining about my blogging concerning his deception (oh well!), our Tour Mgr. told him to clean up his act, to publicly tell the truth to the fans and public at large the truth. And to change the billing on his advertisement of the show. To wit: Take our (NRPS) name OFF his online flyer. He was still suggesting that we were going to possibly appear! Fraud.

Toast gave him 2 hours to get honest, to admit fault and be truthful to the public. At the same time and over this period of 2 weeks, Tim S.D. has been verbally abusive to fans wanting their money back, since it had leaked that NRPS would NOT be playing at his show on July 31.

So far, no honest retraction or apology has been witnessed by this band.

This petty rip-off is nothing more than a cheap, two-bit swindle. And he STILL persists perpetrating this fraud in the name of Jerry Garcia. DON’T GO. Boycott this clown. The Garcia estate should sue this clown for using Jerry’s name in such a deception!

Buddy Cage

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ML said...

Thank you for the news, Mz. M.
That just stinks, doesn't it?
I posted the info on RMGD, but
apparently it is not important enough so far for any comments...
but I appreciate it.
Thanks and hope you are back in good health!~~Mary (ML)