Saturday, May 10, 2008

Italian Ladies' Underwear

I cannot believe that I have to miss this show. Sometimes, I really do wish this nose thing would heal so I could fly again (in a plane, I mean). Oh Lawrence...

Ferlinghetti's Art to be Exhibited in Rome

An exhibition of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's artwork will be shown at the Teatro India, an official venue of the city of Rome, on May 16. The show is provocatively entitled "Italian Ladies' Underwear." The next night, May 17, Mr. Ferlinghetti will give a bilingual reading at the Teatro Tor Bella Monaco.

The poet and artist Lawrence Ferlinghetti is the author of A Coney Island of the Mind, one of the best-selling poetry books of the twentieth century, recently re-issued in a brand-new 50th-anniversary edition with a CD of Mr. Ferlinghetti reading, and also available in a signed, slipcased limited edition. Mr. Ferlinghetti is also the author of 11 other books currently in print with ND, including the recent Poetry as Insurgent Art, as well as the founder of City Lights Books, San Francisco's premier independent bookstore and highly acclaimed publisher.

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