Saturday, December 15, 2007

Peter, Paul and Mary Live at Carnage Hall

Yes, that is what it says on the replica concert poster being sold at the Beat Museum in San Francisco. Carnage Hall. Conjures up so many images, none of them to do with the folk music scene of the early 1960s. And when you google carnage hall as a term, you come up with a site for worshippers of depraved puppets. I LOVE it!

As for Peter. Paul and Mary... whoa! I was always a fan but I cannot recall seeing them (in person) after 1963 except maybe at some peace rally or other. In 1963, I was in the Miss Teenage San Francisco pageant - a really stupid contest which I only entered because the pageant show (at the Fox Theatre in San Francisco) was going to feature a concert by Peter, Paul and Mary. One really has to wonder how the HELL they got roped into THAT (probably a radio station promotion, I don't remember, I was thirteen). But hey, that show wasn't the only time I was a beauty contestant for music... there is that infamous picture of me in a bikini onstage with the Grateful Dead at the Orpheum Theatre taken in July 1976 when the Dead returned from Hiatus and I was "Miss Keith." I think there is a post (and a copy of that photo) somewhere else on this blog. I only bring that up to point out I have a history of going to extremes when I want to get in to shows for free. The one thing I remember about Peter, Paul and Mary was that Mary was barelegged and my mother went on and on and on about how she should be wearing nylons with her high heels.

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