Saturday, October 13, 2007

Strange Dream...

... or, is the term redundant?

Last night, I was finally able to really sleep again (this is rare for me). Long enough to induce R.E.M., I hope to tell you (even more rare of an event). And the rarest event of all, I was able to remember the dream. Well, sort of.

Brian, age about 18 (another rare event since usually when I dream of my son, he is about six years old) and I were walking along some high cliffs, somewhere in the tropics. The cliffs were not ordinary rock and shale cliffs but more like very high, steep sand dunes which bordered a little cove with a small beach and couple of shallow-water docks supported by log pilings. All of a sudden, Brian disappeared and a man was walking beside me who said, "don't worry, he (meaning Brian) went down there" and the man gestured to the beach down below. I could barely make out a small moving speck which presumably was my son.

I started to climb down the dune and realized all too late this was a very stupid move. Somehow, I fell but I was not hurt and I landed on my feet (well, after all, this was a dream) and right next to Brian. The cove and docks had turned into a seaside shopping village somewhere in the Caribbean. We walked awhile, looking in storefronts, and all of a sudden we came to a music store with a very odd window display... David Nelson, circa 1975 and wearing his white, rhinestone studded Nudie suit (picture on the inside sleeve of "Oh, What A Mighty Time:), and his friend, Tom Stern, were posing in the window. (Why, I do not know. This must have come from Pat Campbell mentioning Frank Wakefield the other night at the Booksmith).

Of course we went inside the music store and David and Tom were just leaving for a gig at someone's house and invited us along. The house was amazing, a mansion such as you see in The Hamptons (or maybe even, Hampton Court Palace). Once there, I wandered through the halls and was amazed to see the doll collection of the owner of the house, displayed as in a museum in glass display cases which were spread throughout several large rooms. I went through a door into a theatre in which the San Francisco Symphony was playing Mahler (now, where did THAT come from). There were about two hundred seats in the room but only about fifteen people were sitting in them. No sign of Mr. Nelson or Mr. Stern and Mr. McFee had long since cut and run on me. I looked down at myself and I was wearing a green cotton nightgown with coffee stains on the front left side and then I woke up.

Interpretations, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I can't interpret your dream....but maybe you can interpret mine. My dream had YOU in it! I dreamed that you came up to Eugene for a summer of love second show that was being held in the gym of some school. It was during the NRPS upcoming run through the NW. In any case, NRPS were not going to be playing at this particular show. BB & THC were going to be there. You were in the front row dancing with this straw hat on. I recognized that it was you from the last row where I was.....wearing the same hat! I said to my husband,"there's Michelle!!!! I'm going to go say hi!"And he proceeded to tell me to take that dumb hat off first. Before I could get to you to say hi the sound went out and you had to go back stage to fix it. That was the end of the dream. Hmmm, must be because I was thinking about the fact that you SHOULD be here for the NW will be during your birthday after all. S

Mizshely said...

How funny! For the record, I am not a hat person, my head is just not right for hats although I do own a lovely purple straw hat with a big red ribbon and flower on it (Marmaduke's Marauders colors long before the Red Hat Society took the lead in the silliness league). What was your hat like?

And this is quite a dream... I do wish I could come to Oregon for anything but right now, I have to stay home with the doggie. Someday I'll make it up there again.

Anonymous said...

The hat we were wearing was a similar hat to the one David La Flamme picked up in Eugene this summer. He said he had been looking for "this" hat for years and was delighted to find one. I think I sent you a picture of him in said hat. I don't wear hats either, except when in India on a long train ride.

The public radio station KBOO in Portland was on the last day of the fall membership drive yesterday. One of the pledge incentives was tickets to NRPS in December at the Aladdin. I was happy to hear them getting some press. They really should sell the Aladdin out! Moonalice is coming this next week. I am looking forward to hearing that awesome line up. I think someone should hand out NRPS flyers? S