Saturday, October 27, 2007

Me me me me me me me (the opera singer's lament)

FYI, that title is an arpeggio in F.

I should be getting dressed and going to the grocery store... there really is nothing in the house except the ever-dwindling bowl of Halloween candy. Note to self: never buy Halloween candy in advance, especially if it is something I actually like.

Anyway, I am not leaving the house. My head is killing me and the nose thing is driving me crazy and so I am, once again, spending a lovely day housebound. I know, I know, a lot of people think I am always out and about, and I am, to some degree, but invariably I end up paying in spades for my self indulgence and right now, I can barely hold up my head enough to type on the keyboard. My mother used to tell me I was always miraculously healed when David Nelson had a gig and that was and still is probably true. But since David and the New Riders are back east and I am out west, I am doomed to suffer.

And aren't you glad you wandered over here to see what the latest drivel is?

Me me me me me me me (one of my favorite subjects).

And as Big Brother and the Holding Company once said, "Promise her anything but give her arpeggio..." and okay that is one of the world's worst puns but honestly, it is not mine, it is a cut on How Hard It Is.



DebGrabien said...

Dudesse. It's your blog. You get to sing "me me me" all you damned well want to. I mean, that's what it's for.

If not you, who? And if not here, where?

But let me know if you need groceries tomorrow. I can drive up.

Anonymous said...