Monday, September 10, 2007

Despite all best efforts, I awakened a few minutes ago, blood streaming down my face and onto the pillow. Now, I am NOT supposed to blow my nose but what do you do when this happens - to quote the Rolling Stones, "Let it Bleed"?


Bethy said...

Keep the mantra going, Michelle..."It's on the list, so I want it and will enjoy it once I try it."

I'm making some more split pea and barley soup right now (got about a 1/2 hr left on the stove). No, I don't make it with hamhocks or pig or meat of any sort, and yes, it's quite good.

We'll find stuff you can indulge in and feel like you're indulging. I promise!

DebGrabien said...

(reading what Bethy said)

(nodding like bobblehead doll)

In fact, I'll be happy to sit down, look at the list of what you can eat, and come up with some killer good menus utilising those particular foods.