Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer of Love Forum

Friday night, Brad, Tricia, Bethy and I went to the press event for the Summer of Love. When we could actually hear the questions, the forum was interesting. Whenever things got out of hand, i.e., a speaker or audience member took too much time, a terrible squeal emanated from the sound system (in lieu of a gong, I suspect). No ping pong bolls to be seen.

The best part was when a man from France would not cease speechifying and Boots had to gently but firmly roust him away from the panel. Tricia got a photo!


steve said...

is that a pic of Rock or are my eyes as bad as I thought there were?

missing so many things being on the other coast......

Mizshely said...

Your eyes are perfectly fine. Yes, that is Rock Scully, second front the right, flanked on the right by Country Joe MacDonald and on the left by Chez Ray.