Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Photos From Friday Night

After the party at 2B1, Tricia, Brad, Beth and myself went back to the Hilton lobby for a nightcap. Nobody was more surprised than me when Bethy suddenly jumped up and started singing a song we had begun earlier, "The Dancing Ferlinghettis" and kicked up her heels in her best impersonation of a rockette. Whoa, who knew Bethy had it in her! I got a few photos in the lobby and I am posting them here and now!


Joanee said...

Amazing photos. Does Bethy sing as well as she dances? Is it possible to
get the group photo taken at the party? It was great fun, Joanee

tricia said...

hi joanee! it was great to meet you the other night. yes, I can send you a copy of the group shot. email me at and yes, bethy sings quite well, and dances ever so divine!