Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is REALLY important

So listen up... if the following is not correctly explained all over the internet, the world as we know it will cease to exist. That's right folks, so pay close attention.

After I posted my little item to the David Nelson Band guestbook a couple of days ago (you probably know the post to which I refer) stating that David left me a voice mail message that he was "getting ready for the David Nelson Band tour... coming right up" (which either was a slip of the tongue or David is so stupid he does not know the name of his own band) I was contacted by Mr. Knickers in a Twist (not David) telling me to correct myself both there and on the Phil Zone (where I had NOT posted) because it is David Nelson and Friends and NOT the DNB. According to Mr. Knickers, it can only be the DNB if Billy Laymon is part of the ensemble (which of course he cannot be at this time). Geezo peezo... lighten up, Knicker boy. Nobody really cares and I was just quoting David's message (which I have a perfect right to do).

So there you have it. These next few shows are DNF, not DNB, and BFD if you get my drift!


Gary Fish said...

As you know, Mizshely, I'm the one who posted on the PhilZone -- but it was a direct quote from your Nelson board post which I thought was relatively innocuous. From now on I'll try to steer clear of the acronym acrimony. Ha!

Mizshely said...

Well, Gary, I too thought it innocuous and I do have the voice mail but Mr. Knickers was all bent out of shape so we will let him have this one. M.K. was very concerned I might hurt Billy's feelings... but Billy did not write to me and Mr. Nelson never said anything, so there you have it. M.K. would probably be really upset to read the content in the David Nelson Wikipedia entry (which by the way, I wrote and posted after David okayed it).

Gary Fish said...

I agree that there can be no DNB without Billy. But it's so easy to lapse into using the "old" acronym instead of the "new" DNF moniker. Wishful thinking, perhaps? On that note, here's another current example of the DNB tag being used "improperly" -- go to and click on the NewsWire title WALTZING WITH MOOKIE. In the fourth paragraph it says that Mookie "has played for the past eight years with The David Nelson Band (New Riders of the Purple Sage)." This kind of publicity probably happens more than we all realize. I promise not to post this anywhere else so as not to tip off M.K. and the acronym police.

Mizshely said...

Gary, that Waltzing with Mookie thing is perfectly fine. I think they just messed up by putting New Riders of the Purple Sage after the word "Band" instead of the word Nelson. A lot of bad writing out there on the internet. Waltzing with Mookie... who knew????