Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The New Brett Rickaby Website

Is faboo, dahlings...

I especially love the clip on reel B which you can reach by clicking:

This clip contains almost everything from our Brett Rickaby film festival and much, much more (I had never seen the Altoids commercial before).

Here is an excerpt from his bio:

Brett Rickaby is a recognizable actor from film, television and the stage (

He has worked with, and learned from many of the best directors in the entertainment business, including: Wes Craven, David Fincher, David Semel, Paul Sorvino, Emilio Estevez, Nicholas Hytner, Tony Kushner, Rodrigo Garcia and Peter Werner.

Rickaby has worked in a dozen films, from small indies to major studio pictures. He has had a strong presence on over 20 network television series and has starred in many off-Broadway plays, in prestigious New York venues, and starred in a national tour of a Broadway musical.

In addition to his acting career, Rickaby has been writing and producing plays, and films over the past few years. He recently adapted one of his plays into a screenplay, and has attached six ‘star names’ to the script, THE BOOK OF MATTHEW, which he will direct, and is currently in the process of producing.

Because of his writing skills, acting knowledge, extensive experience, and overall vision as an artist, Rickaby soon found himself behind the camera, directing short films he had written for himself and for other notable actors. To date, he has written 11 shorts, and has produced and directed many of his own films. His expertise coupled with innovations in technology, and an identified, growing need for marketable, inexpensive, quality productions lead Rickaby to create Oracle Filmworks.

Rickaby holds an M.F.A. from NYU. He is Co-founder of The Collective, a group of West Coast NYU Graduate Acting Alumni dedicated to developing new material and exercising collective creativity through labs and workshops. His own acting ability has been awarded on numerous occasions. Rickaby also works as an acting teacher at the David Kagen School of Film Acting, when not acting, writing, directing or producing. He makes his home in Los Angeles.

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