Monday, May 28, 2007

The Garage Sale

Yesterday's garage sale and barbecue was great fun. Beth Levy, Ann Pierson, Helana Fitzgerald, Peter Albin and Karen Lyberger were manning the tables out front while I was cooking for the barbecue inside. It was great fun but the multi-vendor approach confused some buyers, I think. As I predicted, we hit the doldrums around 2ish and by 3 had called it a day, adjourning to the back yard and the pool for a barbecue. By this time, we were joined by Deb and Nic Grabien and Terry Haggerty. Nobody seemed to really care that my house was a mess.

Early in the morning, I made coffee and brought it out to everyone. Peter enjoyed drinking his from the infamous Miley/Nelson mug (since he and David go back before time began).

I think next time, we'll skip the garage sale and go straight to the pool party.

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