Saturday, May 26, 2007



Release Date: 25 Jun 2007
Catalogue No:
Label: Import
Format: DVD (one)
Volumes: 1
Rare festival footage featuring extracts from the sets of:The Grateful Dead, Captain Beefheart, Donovan, Family, The Kinks, Country Joe, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Incredible String Band and more. Additional features include a retrospective interview with Nik Turner about the festival and a rare backstage film interview with Jerry Garcia and more.

I hope this becomes available in universal or US format. I was actually there but I really don't remember much except being soaking wet and covered in mud and stuck out in the audience trying to get the attention of someone from the New Riders. I finally yelled "Sorry, Cecilia" and Marmaduke heard me and said, "That's our secretary, Michelle," and then I was mobbed (which was REALLY weird). Some security people found me and escorted me backstage but by that time, I was drenched and muddy and pretty irritated although it was great to be there. God, Europe '72, was it really 35 years ago?

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