Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Return of the Infamous Kentfield Poltergeist

First of all, if you are one of those people who gets squeamish with too much information, better not read the rest of this post. I was too blown away to keep this to myself, however, so here goes. Anyone who knows me well knows my first encounter with the poltergeist - 7 years ago after my mother died, I was writing out the check for the property taxes while I was sitting on my bed. The phone rang and I stopped what I was doing and answered it. When I was finished with the call, the check had disappeared, as had the bill for the property taxes. I looked everywhere, in the bedclothes, under the bed, in and on each nightstand, etc. No luck. I had to call the Marin County Tax collector to get the parcel # and the amount so I could pay them. FOUR YEARS later, I was sitting on the same bed, in the same room, which had been emptied, painted, and decorated with all new bedding, etc. I was on the phone. When I got off the phone, there, on top of the comforter (which I had not owned in 1999) was the envelope addressed to the tax collector. I opened it up and there was the bill from 1999 and my check. How weird is that?

OK, so this latest encounter is even weirder. On October 6, 1980, my not yet husband and I were on a rowdy trip to Baja to celebrate his birthday (he was 32 that day). I brought with me this really cool lavender satin and lace nightgown, which needless to say, got tangled in the bedclothes (this is where the too much information may come into play). Next day, we packed up and headed to his parents' place in Orange County. When I got there, I discovered that my nightgown was missing. I lamented the loss of that nightgown for years... it had been very expensive, I had bought it at I. Magnin and was very fond of it. Plus it fit really well and looked great on. Damn! Fast forward twenty five years and six months to today. Again, I was on the phone - this time, talking with Ann Pierson. At the same time, I was going through my sock drawer. Now mind you, I did not own this piece of furniture 26 years ago, did not own any of the socks in it back then, etc. There on top of my socks was a slightly familiar looking piece of lingerie. I said to Ann, "Oh my God, you are not going to believe this, I think I just found the nightgown I lost in Mexico in 1980 - hold on, let's see if it has an I. Magnin tag." Damn if it didn't. Now what I want to know, is, how the hell did it get here and where has it been all of this time???? Bob McFee would totally flip out (he liked that gown, too, which was actually why I bought it). Argh!!!! And needless to say, nowadays, I could not get my little toe into that nightgown.

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